Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Walking on Eggshells" Wet n' Wild Trio Review!

This is my first review, as i go along i will get better! but this is just my review of a trio from wet n' wild. Its called Walking on eggshells, it is a very common trio from wet and wild! I love the colors, they are pigmented but to overbearing. This is a beautiful everyday trio. 

The far left color is a beautiful highlight because it is white. It really does open up your eye when you put it in  your innner tear duct. 
Next, the middle color is a georgeous crease color because it is more of a mud brown more than dark brown. It goes on smoothely and is very easy to blend! 
Finally the last color is a pretty peach shimmer color. It is beautiful by itself as well because it is a peachy color it does fine, but when you add the highlight and crease, this is just the perfect everyday tutorial.
Best way to wear this trio: put the peach color (far right) all over the lid, next you want to put the brown  (middle) in the crease and blend (we dont want any harsh lines!), finally you want to put the white (far left) in the inner tear duct to brighten up your eyes and also under your brown bone to highlight your brows! 
Hope you guys enjoyed! 

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  1. i did a post about this too! you should do a review on the nyx nude tude palette.

    1. nyx nude tude palette? hahahhahaha you spelled it wronnng jen