Sunday, January 27, 2013

Target Haul/Review!

Hey guys! sorry for no post for so long, but im back! I will have posts frequently now! A while back, I went to target and got a few things! First, i got two mascaras. The first one is The Falses, and I love this mascara.It was $7. The second mascara i got was the Rocket, and these are both from Maybelline. The rocket is an amzing mascara and volumizes and really lengthens and seperates them! It was $8. Next, I got a maybelline dream fresh BB creme.It was $6,  I love this bb creme because it is very mositurizing and gives great coverage while not making me look or feel like I have a lot of makeup on. It is very cheap and affordable! I also got thheree HD poweder from elf, It was $3. It is loose which im not a big fan of but it gives your faace a finish which I love! I also got some shorts. they are athletic shorts, and these are my favoite type of shorts! They were around $6 to $8. I also got  the wave which is a face cleanser and it was $7. I love this product because it removes your dead skin cells and makes it super soft which is great! I also got an EOS in tangerine and I have  never heard of this flavor, and I love it! it was about $3. EOS is one of those brands where you either love it or you hate it, and I LOVE IT! I also got 3 packs of gummies because well gummies are amzing! haha and the last thing that I got was this oversized sweater in this light blue and it says love but the "o" is a heart and the top is orange middle is pink and bottom is red, and I love this! I love how the letter is postioned! it was about $11!

I hope you guys enjoy! Go check out my new youtube channel with my friend jen! click here to go to it!

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