Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Youtube Channel!

hey guys! me and my friend jen madea  youtube channel all about beauty and fashion and what ever else intrgues us to make videos about. If you want you could go subscribe and make our dayyyy!
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xoxo Savannah

Target Haul/Review!

Hey guys! sorry for no post for so long, but im back! I will have posts frequently now! A while back, I went to target and got a few things! First, i got two mascaras. The first one is The Falses, and I love this mascara.It was $7. The second mascara i got was the Rocket, and these are both from Maybelline. The rocket is an amzing mascara and volumizes and really lengthens and seperates them! It was $8. Next, I got a maybelline dream fresh BB creme.It was $6,  I love this bb creme because it is very mositurizing and gives great coverage while not making me look or feel like I have a lot of makeup on. It is very cheap and affordable! I also got thheree HD poweder from elf, It was $3. It is loose which im not a big fan of but it gives your faace a finish which I love! I also got some shorts. they are athletic shorts, and these are my favoite type of shorts! They were around $6 to $8. I also got  the wave which is a face cleanser and it was $7. I love this product because it removes your dead skin cells and makes it super soft which is great! I also got an EOS in tangerine and I have  never heard of this flavor, and I love it! it was about $3. EOS is one of those brands where you either love it or you hate it, and I LOVE IT! I also got 3 packs of gummies because well gummies are amzing! haha and the last thing that I got was this oversized sweater in this light blue and it says love but the "o" is a heart and the top is orange middle is pink and bottom is red, and I love this! I love how the letter is postioned! it was about $11!

I hope you guys enjoy! Go check out my new youtube channel with my friend jen! click here to go to it!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review: Elf Eyeshadow in "oatmeal"

Hey guys! SO sorry I havent had a post up in a while, but heres a new one! This is the only picture that would upload so sorry, but this is a elf eye shadow. It is from their professional line i believe, not quite sure I got it from my friend when we did a makeup swap which we do occasionally! But this is a pressed eyeshadow from elf and it called "oatmeal". This is a georgeous champagne color. It is shimmery but its not too over powering. I think it is perfect for everyday wear because it is just a beautiful color! Its very pigmented and it stays all day with a primer. If you only add one coat, it is kind of sheer, so i usually add a few to make it look like something is actually on my lids! It is very pretty and I get so manny compliments on this color! Thanks for checking my review out!

xoxo Savannah

Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Walking on Eggshells" Wet n' Wild Trio Review!

This is my first review, as i go along i will get better! but this is just my review of a trio from wet n' wild. Its called Walking on eggshells, it is a very common trio from wet and wild! I love the colors, they are pigmented but to overbearing. This is a beautiful everyday trio. 

The far left color is a beautiful highlight because it is white. It really does open up your eye when you put it in  your innner tear duct. 
Next, the middle color is a georgeous crease color because it is more of a mud brown more than dark brown. It goes on smoothely and is very easy to blend! 
Finally the last color is a pretty peach shimmer color. It is beautiful by itself as well because it is a peachy color it does fine, but when you add the highlight and crease, this is just the perfect everyday tutorial.
Best way to wear this trio: put the peach color (far right) all over the lid, next you want to put the brown  (middle) in the crease and blend (we dont want any harsh lines!), finally you want to put the white (far left) in the inner tear duct to brighten up your eyes and also under your brown bone to highlight your brows! 
Hope you guys enjoyed! 

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